Automate and streamline
automotive parts sales

Automate and streamline
automotive parts sales


For Brands

Your single source of truth across your entire organization

Create, maintain, and distribute high-quality data in real-time across all channels. PDM’s revolutionary platform is your single source of truth for all product data management. Businesses of all sizes, from small to enterprises benefit from PDM’s automated, cloud-based solution, providing sales channels with the most up-to-date, accurate product data.

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Easily Create Your High-Quality Catalog

Easily create high-quality product data that truly represents your brand and products

Efficiently Maintain Updates

Keep your data up to date with automated suggestions and collaboration within your organization

Distribute in Real-Time

Publish new products and updates in real-time to all sales channels


For Resellers and Brands

Data tailored to your format and schedule.

Feed various systems with the latest data, assuring consistency throughout.

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Utilize Data Tailored to each Channel

Seamless integration for eCommerce, marketplaces, and product catalogs
Flexible export options via Excel/CSV/API


For Resellers

With PDM, you have access to 1000s of brands’ product data for improved revenue opportunities.

Receive the highest quality data in real-time. PDM’s easy data access decreases time to market and increases sales opportunities.

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Access Data “NEW”

Connect external data sources to have PDM as your single interface to manage data access

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Proudly providing data to major channels such as: