Who we are

Paramount Data Management was founded as a Spin-Off of Velocity Automotive, an e-commerce leader in Europe for American Auto Parts.

The demand for high-quality standardized product data has led Velocity to invest in the capability to work with ACES&PIES.

After receiving the first data sets, it became obvious that there is a strong demand for a solution to improve the poor content quality of existing data.

Extensive research on the data standard’s structure led to the conclusion that a platform was required enabling brands to easily take responsibility for their representation in the market. A team of highly skilled developers was formed using the latest technology to create a Cloud solution capable to address complex data structure and providing an easy-to-use, fast interface for the generation, maintenance and distribution of automotive product data.






Why should you trust PDM with your product data needs? Easy – because we know the “other side”. Our founder has been selling parts in the automotive industry since 2005 with his company Velocity Automotive which is the leader in Europe, specialized in selling parts for Classic Mustangs, Late Model Mustangs, Classic Corvettes, and Late Model RAM 1500 Trucks. To further grow the business and after learning about the data standards ACES and PIES in 2014 a big investment has been made into a new webshop and ERP system in 2015/2016. Many companies supplying parts to Velocity said they had appropriate product data. After receiving the first files it became obvious that the initial plan was not going to work out – the product data was too poor to work with it on an automated basis. Still, each part had to be touched manually and improved. After addressing this issue in 2016 with major automotive parts manufacturers it became obvious that many of them hardly knew what their data actually looked like and were relying on Service Providers to have the data build, or had some software solution which simply did not allow them to generate better product data than what was available.

Since by that time a significant investment had been done, also towards capabilities to produce product data, the decision was made to found a new company in 2017 to provide a sophisticated software solution which allows brands to generate data properly representing their products. We like to compare product data with a print catalog. No brand would print black and white catalogs with a bad layout on cheap paper. So why send out product data that makes your brand look cheap?

2018 has been an exciting year for PDM with many new customers and unique partnerships, unseen in this industry! SUMMIT Racing relies on PDM’s quality validation when receiving new product data and Opticat has opened its API to PDM which bypasses all quality validation – trust we greatly appreciate. More integrations like Web Shop Manager and PartsTech are great to support manufacturers to streamline the distribution of their product data in addition to the built-in automated data distribution functionality which allows sending data to any receiver imaginable.

Our Team

Our Team Is Our Future – At Paramount, we live up to this creed every day. Each member of the team is part of the big picture. Constant learning helps each member of the team to bring out their best every day . Daily and weekly team meetings, team events and regular feedback raise the spirit and give everybody the chance to unleash their full potential in gaining maximum results for the team, our customers and business partners. Together, we take work experience to the next level without losing sight of a healthy work-life-balance – and plenty of fun!