Distribute Data

"Having an overview of all channels
 and customers that receive our data
 has been a big plus for us!
 Especially by empowering our customers
 to chose how they like their data!"
Robert Murgado - GSP axle Create Maintain Distribute GenerateMaintainDistribute

Distribute your data to your receivers. Your PDM account ties it all together: Generate and maintain your high-quality product data and get it into the hands of your customers. In addition to your integrated receivers (SUMMIT Racing, CARiD, OptiCat and many more), you can send your data to all major distribution networks such as DCI, SDC (no affiliation); as well as all major warehouse distributors including Motor State, Atech, and Keystone; and large marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. With your own dealer portal, getting product data to your customers has never been easier. Product data for over 30,000 businesses – at your fingertips.

Any Channel

Export your data as ACES and PIES (XML) files, as Excel or directly access it via our API. ONE data source for all your channels.

Any Receiver

Send your data to distribution networks like SDC (no affiliation) or DCI, directly to your receivers, and marketplaces.

Any Time

Make your new products and updates available immediately without delay.

Get product data to receivers within minutes – not weeks!

PDM allows you to send data to your receivers instantly. Add a new product, copy an existing one or simply send out updates. You have full control of your data and the distribution of your data. The data can be pushed to your receivers automatically in the desired frequency. Urgent updates can be pushed manually. With PDM you are assured to have your data always up to date.

One Source – for any channel

Do it once, do it right. After you create and maintain high-quality product data, you will want to use it! Besides the standard ACES and PIES (XML) format, you can also export your data to Excel or simply access it via our API. Send XML files to your large distributors and distribution networks like SDC (no affiliation), DCI or OptiCat; send Excel price sheets to your jobbers and run your e-commerce site via our API – everything straight from your PDM account.

Receiver specific validation

We are all about perfect product data. Since every receiver has a special demand we understand that there is not a sole Scorecard that will fit all of your customer’s needs. We are proud to be the Cloud SaaS provider to be sending data directly to leading resellers and data distribution networks, with a custom receiver specific validation. A first and only in the industry!

  • Receiver specific quality validation
  • Expedited data handling
  • Shorter time to market

80% of your product data is identical for all your receivers but the remaining 20% decide over success or failure. We support you to generate product data that your customers will appreciate and can leverage to increase sales of your products.

We thank our partners for their trust!

Integrated with 

A REAL integration! Data you build can be pushed live to eBay via our API connection. No export and import necessary but seamlessly integrated.

  • Connect your eBay account through the PDM interface
  • Instantly integrated with the eBay API
  • Direct connection – no export/import necessary
  • Automatically publish PIES & ACES to eBay
  • Convert ACES to eBay MVL on the fly
  • List products in under 60 seconds

Manage multiple price sheets

Manage multiple price sheets for different regions, customers and channels. Examples:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Retail Price Sheet
  • eBay Price Sheet
  • Customer specific price sheet

Your own dealer portal

Give your dealers access to your product directly on your homepage. Your customers can get a receiver account for free. With that account, they can fully manage their data access including custom filters, scheduled exports, different file formats, etc.

Get access to our product data with a free PDM account XML/Excel/CSV

Send data that improves your bottom line

High-quality product data boosts sales. Creating such product data easily, with less effort, reduces your workload. PDM can significantly improve your bottom line. We are listening to the different receiver’s requirements to support you in delivering data that will be appreciated and grow your business.

  • Mike Hallmark (Marketing & International Sales Manager) - Hellwig

    "Awesome tool - super easy to use"

  • Jill Hepp (Marketing Director) - SCT Performance

    "Thanks to PDM for bringing us to Platinum with SDC"

  • Scott Spiva - Icon Vehicle Dynamics

    "Data generation has never been easier"

  • Ryan Bachman (Director of Product and Data Services) - United Motor Products

    "After implementation of PDM's software, managing and generating our data has never been easier."