Create Data

"With new product releases every
 week, it is important for us to be able
 to update our data daily.
 With PDM we can add new SKUs
 easily as we release them!"
Josh Geraurd - AFE Power Maintain Create Distribute GenerateMaintainDistribute

Create high-quality data worth distributing. Your PDM account is backed with algorithms that tailor the user interface to your products, making the generation of first-class product data easy and efficient. Quickly enable your business to increase sales with excellent product data.


Accessible from everywhere, anytime.
No in-house IT maintenance required.

Increase Sales

Boost revenue and productivity by easily creating first-class product data.

Less Time - Less Cost

Smart algorithms and our intuitive user interface reduce your time revising data.


Intuitive tutorials interact and educate you on features as you use your account. Make sure to take full advantage of all features and these tutorials support you to easily onboard new users in your organization.


Your PDM account allows you to generate and audit data yourself, validated against the Auto Care Association’s ACES and PIES structure and compliant to your receiver’s requirements. Whether you build data in house, use our service or a service provider, with a PDM account you are always assured your data represents your products properly.

You would never print a paper catalog and send it out without reviewing. Don’t do that with your product data either! A PDM account visualizes complex product data for you!

Your data is always evolving – Learn more about maintaining your product data.

Don’t have your own resources to build data? We get the job done for you! We offer data generation service at a great price. Alternatively, select a partner from our network to assist you with your data generation. With your PDM account, you can keep track of progress and data quality.

Pick your desired service:

  • Transform existing data into standardized data (e.g. ACES & PIES)
  • Research fitments
  • Gap / VIO / OE Analysis
  • Vcdb updates

Data strategy consulting @ USD100/hour

Data entry by enthusiasts @ USD50/hour

Custom software development @ USD120/hour

360-degree data strategy incl. multi-channel integration – inquire

Algorithms & Workflow Management

Algorithms guide you through the process of generating your product data. Your PDM account intuitively adapts and learns relevant data points to describe your products. For every additional product you add or change, the necessary steps become easier and faster – in turn, helping you generate consistent, high-quality data tailored to your needs. Various elements, such as specific description types can be generated automatically. With PDM, your entire team works with the same data and receives tailored instructions to supply relevant and consistent data points.

Live Validation

Your PDM account gives you live feedback, while you are working. Besides always being compliant with the Auto Care Association’s databases (no separate Auto Care subscription necessary) you get feedback on the requirements of your receivers. Instead of waiting on a health report, instantly know how you comply with scorecards like Platinum SDC (no affiliation); meet the demands from warehouse distributors like SUMMIT Racing or Motor State, and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon; and most importantly, support your customers to sell more of your products.

Mass Imports

Add new products and change data points in bulk with mass imports via Excel. Update thousands of prices, add new applications or descriptions within minutes. All imports are validated while importing in real time, with a detailed report for you to make necessary corrections.

Add & Copy Products easily

Easily add new products to your catalog by copying existing products or creating new products from scratch. After adding products, make them available to your receivers instantly.

  • Jill Hepp (Marketing Director) - SCT Performance

    "Thanks to PDM for bringing us to Platinum with SDC"

  • Ryan Bachman (Director of Product and Data Services) - United Motor Products

    "After implementation of PDM's software, managing and generating our data has never been easier."

  • Scott Spiva - Icon Vehicle Dynamics

    "Data generation has never been easier"

  • Mike Hallmark (Marketing & International Sales Manager) - Hellwig

    "Awesome tool - super easy to use"