Maintain Data

"Thanks to PDM we can update
  our data weekly and make sure
  our customers have always our
  newest products listed."
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Maintain your data easily with PDM to keep it up to date. PDM notifies you about new vehicle additions to extend your application coverage. Gap reports support you to cover the full potential of your products. Changing requirements such as Prop 65 are always accounted for. We make sure your investment for superior product data achieves the maximum ROI by driving revenue and keeping workload low with automation and accuracy.

Automated Updates

Get notified when your data needs attention due to updated Auto Care tables or changing receiver requirements.

Gap/Coverage Report

Find gaps in your data and make sure your product data has the largest possible application coverage to grow your sales!

Update Every Data Point

Every data point in your product data can be updated – down to the last application detail.

Edit Any Data Point – Anytime

With your PDM account, all your data is available at your fingertips. Not only can you add new products or copy existing ones, you can also edit every data point. Find an error in your data? No problem – fix it and send updated data to your receivers within minutes.

Stay Accurate – Always

In addition to live validation while working with your data, you also get automated suggestions to keep your data at a high-quality level. Suggestions could include updated databases from Auto Care, newly added validations or changing receiver requirements. With your PDM account, you can represent your current products in the best manner possible.

Gap Reports & Coverage Extension

Want to make sure your products always have the largest possible application coverage? Your PDM account notifies you about updates regarding available applications. In combination with VIO data, you can make sure to cover all important applications at the earliest possible time.

Inherit application fitment data

Link multiple products together to inherit application data. Especially engine components with a lot of different matching make-model-year combinations benefit from this feature. Maintain one primary product with all application data and simply relate to the primary product when generating the product data for your additional products.

Data Security

You own your data! For the safety of your data, it is stored on AWS servers in the USA. Daily redundant backups make sure your data is safe and secure.

Update Your Data with Your Receivers

With your PDM account, you easily generate high-quality product data, maintain it on a high level and send updates to your receivers immediately. With PDM it becomes a matter of minutes from adding a new product to having the product data in your customer’s hands. Pre-validated and ready to push your sales! Learn more about distributing your product data.

  • Ryan Bachman (Director of Product and Data Services) - United Motor Products

    "After implementation of PDM's software, managing and generating our data has never been easier."

  • Scott Spiva - Icon Vehicle Dynamics

    "Data generation has never been easier"

  • Jill Hepp (Marketing Director) - SCT Performance

    "Thanks to PDM for bringing us to Platinum with SDC"

  • Mike Hallmark (Marketing & International Sales Manager) - Hellwig

    "Awesome tool - super easy to use"