At PDM we are building relationships – relationships with our vendor clients but also between our vendor clients and their data receivers. We don’t send data out the door and cross our fingers to not hear from a disappointed receiver – we encourage the conversation and talk to the data receivers of the industry to learn. PDM is all about perfect product data. Since every receiver has a special demand we understand that there is not a sole scorecard that will fit all of your customer’s needs. Our technology allows a vendor to build his data once for all his channels. But we don’t stop there! Are you a Rep Agency? Are you a data Service Provider? Let’s talk to integrate you to also benefit, becoming part of our platform.

Rep Agencies

You want to support your vendors to sell more with their customers? High-quality product data is the key. If you maintain the product data for your vendors we do have package deals for you to take advantage of our technology for your clients.

Service Providers

You maintain product data for manufacturers? Become a partner with PDM. Almost every new manufacturers has a high demand to have his product data built or improved initially. Partnering with established and experienced Service Providers has proven to be a smooth solution.

Trusting Customers

Trusting Partners

Want a whitelabel solution? We have the capabilities for you to run your own platform, backed with the algorithms and logic we have built into it. Reach out to us to discuss options!