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Free Membership Essentials Professional Enterprise
No Contract Custom
Store your data securely
Connect to the fastest growing network of resellers
Automate data flow with customizable connections $49
Edit your data compliant to various industry standards n/a
Create Export Templates to meet any format requirement $99 $99
Customize and automatically improve data when accessing $99 $99
Overlap/Duplicate Validation for highest quality product data n/a $99
Professional data consultation/management available by the hour n/a
Support Response Time (during business hours) 48 hrs 12 hrs 6 hrs 2 hrs
Single Sign On n/a n/a n/a
Multi Factor Authentication n/a n/a n/a
Personal Consultant n/a n/a n/a
SLA with Uptime Guarantee (varies by tier)
Users included 1 1 5    Unlimited
Pricing* FREE Starting at $99 Starting at $299 Inquire
User Role Management $49 $49 $49
API Access $99 $99 $99
Application Inheritance n/a $99 $99
eBay Integration $99 $99 $99
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(14 Day Free Trial)
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(14 Day Free Trial)

*pricing per month/per brand by SKU count (volume discounts available)


Free Membership Essentials Professional
NO setup fee
Multi-brand management
Digital asset storage (DAM)
Auto Care ACES and PIES validation
Mutliple users
User role management
Data Generation Features
Free Membership Essentials Professional
Edit every data point in the interface
Edit every data point in bulk through Excel
Manage 360 images
Custom fields
(Store data beyond ACES and PIES. E.g. inventory feeds, dropship fees or data exclusively to specific receivers)
Inherit application data
(Manage application data in one parent part number to inherit to multiple individual part numbers.)
Application Overlap/Duplicate/Gap/Coverage validation
Attribute recommendations
(Get recommendations based on the PAdb and our PDM algorithms)
PAdb attributes



Data Maintenance Features
Free Membership Essentials Professional
Quick Fixes to improve product data
(Update hundreds of products at once with our quick fixes)
GAP analysis for VCdb updates
(Increase your application coverage with PDM as VCdb changes become available. With PDM your products are first to market)
Application inconsistency validation
(Make sure your application data “makes sense”. The PDM inconsistency validation supports you!)
OE data module ($399 one time setup)
(Easily manage subscribed OE data within PDM to automatically create ACES files)
Part type updater with PCdb releases
Optional data service $75/hr $75/hr  $50/hr
Optional consulting $150/hr $150/hr  $100/hr



Data Distribution Features
Free Membership Essentials Professional
Receiver specific data validation
(Making sure your data complies with major receivers)
Automated data push
(Gets your data automatically and scheduled to where you need it)
Integrated channels
(Easily load your data to eBay, SDC (not affiliated), Opticat, and more integrated channels)
Integrated receivers
(Send data to SUMMIT, Turn5, Turn14, CarID, O’Reilly, Autozone, Keystone, and many more)
Live API access for your customers
Save filters for exports
Custom channels
(Manage automated and scheduled data flow to as many channels as you need. E.g. ERP/e-commerce/invoicing system etc.)
Custom CSV/Excel template builder
(Manage your data within PDM and get it out in any format wherever you need it)
eBay integration
(Automatically list your products on eBay from PDM. No additional data input necessary. Maintain your data once for all channels with PDM)
($199 setup fee + $99/month + $0.10 for each product load)
(Access your data live via our API)




Basic – FREE Plus Integrated
NO Setup Fee
Filter data before export (by vehicle, category etc.)
Save filters to apply to automated exports
Receive full files or updates
Receive scheduled updates (weekly or monthly)
Receive scheduled updates (daily)
Channel third-party data through PDM
Custom Scorecard for your suppliers
Custom development
  · Communication Module
  · Business Rules
  · Reauthoring data
Pricing $0/month $99/month Inquire, starting from $999/month
eBay integration N/A starting from $99/month included
Custom Amazon ACES (fitment) export N/A starting from $99/month included
API N/A starting from $99/month included
Custom Export Builder N/A starting from $99/month included